Dianne Ruth D'Esposito

The single sweetest woman there ever was.

Born: Friday, 18 April 1941 (Staten Island, NY)

Passed: Tuesday, 3 March 2009 (Staten Island, NY)

Dianne D’Esposito —the single sweetest woman there ever was; the best onion-dip maker, and stuffing-maker there ever was; and the most-loving grandmother there ever was. The greatest thing about Ma was her relationship with Poppop. The two of them were a perfect pair and loved to do everything and anything together. The most interesting, life-altering conversations can be had over a simple meal at Elm Park with the two of them. She was a remarkably strong woman, who stuck to her values and her morals and definitely was not afraid to speak her mind.

She was a beautiful writer, a wordsmith that could capture her emotions and have them flow throughout the pages of anything she authored. Her words were always soothing and if you sat down next to her you could always expect a back scratch or just a gentle touch to know how much she cared about you. Ma’s best attribute was her ability to make each member of the family feel special in their own way. She always referred to me as, “my John,” the single greatest emotional rush of love ever. At thirteen-years old, I walked along the beach in Walt Disney World and held both Ma and Poppop’s hands. I said to them, “I know what I want in life.” Ma looked at me and said, “What is that my sweetheart?” I replied with, “That,” as I turned around and pointed to our entire family smiling and walking. That was her impact—her legacy. The love she possessed that became the hard rock foundation of such a strong family made me a dreamer and a believer that anything is possible, as long as you have unconditional love. The nightly phone calls were the only way to end the day – “One, two… one, two, three –I love you, my John; I love you too, Ma – Goodnight sweetheart — goodnight.”

By: John Hood

Lisa Porazzo

I really wish I would have known her. From how your family talks about her, she was one amazing lady. God Bless her sould

2016-08-24 20:41:41